21st February is the World Anthropology Day!

Can Anthropology contribute to making the life of people better? Can this discipline help us to better comprehend the world we live in and foster the practical solving of problems that affect our everyday life and our societies?

The World Anthropology Day is an initiative by the American Anthropological Association to show how the anthropological knowledge is important and useful, especially nowadays.

The 21st February 2019 it will be celebrated for the first time also in Italy, in Milan. The aim is to show to the citizenship the public side of the discipline, its practical applications, good examples of activities run throughout the city, giving the occasion, at the same time, to think about and start new ones.

Anthropologists are not just in universities, but you can find them as well in both social and corporate environment: we want to highlight this capillary, but often not so visible, presence, just in one day, through more than 30 events that will take place throughout the city of Milan: meetings, walking tours and laboratories.

It is a chance to become familiar with the work that anthropologists do along with other social workers, associations, professionals and institutions in several areas of interests, for everyone’s benefit.

Find out about the complete program of the Anthropology Day, choosing from Meetings, Walking tours and Labs.


An opening round table and a big closing party which you can't miss, the preview launching of a photo exhibition on February 20th at the University of Milan – Bicocca and 15 events more peppered around the city on February 21st afternoon. These will be precious opportunities to get to know and discuss projects of public anthropology developed in the areas of migration, heritage, healthcare, food, sport, art, music, urban studies and housing policies.

Walking tours

A series of 6 city walks in the company of anthropologists, a unique way to discover the city and projects of applied anthropology as related to the districts of Via Padova, Via Sarpi, San Siro and Giambellino-Lorentaggio, bud also to the Bunker Breda and CityLife Park.


A preview workshop on February 20th and nine more on the 21st afternoon: ten opportunities not to be missed in order to understand how anthropologists work and discuss together the outcome of various projects concerning school, the radio, the prison system, finance, theatre...

An event powered by the Master Program in Anthropological and Ethnological Science and the Doctorate in Cultural and Social Anthropology of the Milano-Bicocca University with the support of the City of Milan in collaboration with numerous Partners that operates on the territory.

Stay tuned! Spread the word and participate!

Here the Official Facebook page of the event

For any further information: anthroday2019@gmail.com

Coordination: Ivan Bargna, Laura Menin, Giacomo Pozzi, Giovanna Santanera, Manuela Tassan, Francesco Vietti.

Sincere thanks to all the students and the Ph.D. candidates that collaborate in the organization of the event.